Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gösser Kirtag

Yesterday, my roommate, Jessica Jenkins, and I attended the Gösser Kirtag, a festival held every Thursday after the first Sunday in October in the town of Leoben.  It originated in 1836.  First, Jessica and I had to get outfits for the event.  Our team manager, Margret, took us to get these Austrian outfits called dirndl.  A dirndl is a type of traditional dress worn in Austria, based on the historical costume of Alpine peasants.  A dirndl consists of a bodice, blouse, full skirts and apron.  We went to Wernbacher Trachtenmode to try on some dresses.  We picked out two dresses for ourselves and returned home.  We went to ice hockey practice later that day.  Afterward, we got ready and dressed in our dirndls.

We drove to Leoben for the Gösser Kirtag.  Music and market stands filled the streets.  The smell of beer and sweet treats, like gingerbread hearts and pretzels (or brezel in German), lingered in the air.  These are just a few things that make the Gösser Kirtag one of the most traditional and popular events in Leoben.  Overall, Jessica and I had a great time at the festival as we enjoyed drinking Austrian beer and wearing our dirndls!

For more pictures from the Gösser Kirtag, click here.


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