Friday, December 2, 2011

"With Sturm, Glühwein and Cooked Rabbit"

"With Sturm, Glühwein and Cooked Rabbit"
1. November 2011
"The Neuberg Highlanders remain undefeated in the Damen Eishockey Bundes Liga, as we won our seventh consecutive match in the league.  We beat Gipsy Girls Villach on Saturday, 11:2.

After a great match, I decided to attend another sporting event the next day.  On Sunday, I went to my first futbol game.  In America, we call it „soccer“ and the sport doesn’t seem to be as popular as it is in Europe.  It was interesting observing how wild Austrian fans can be at these futbol games.  As the crowd cheered loudly for Sturm Graz, I silently enjoyed my first taste of gluehwein.  We don’t have such a drink back home in America.  It tasted like hot apple cider, and it seemed to really hit the spot, especially since I was freezing my butt off watching a futbol game outdoors.

After the game, my boyfriend, Michi Schmieder, and I went to have dinner with his parents.  This marked my second dinner date with his parents, so I was not as nervous as the first time.  I think I was more nervous for what we were about to eat.  His mom cooked rabbit, but they called it Gebratener Hase.  Rabbit is also not a popular dish that someone would eat in America, but I tried my first rabbit anyways.  To my surprise, I enjoyed it.  It tasted similar to turkey or chicken. 

Although I enjoyed trying rabbit and gluehwein, I am looking forward to returning home on Wednesday and having some authentic American food and drinks!"


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