Monday, January 23, 2012

"The New Solitude In My Boat"

The New Solitude In My Boat
19. January 2012

"Happy New Year!  After spending 36 days in America, I made it safely back to Austria last Wednesday.  Upon arrival, I knew there was snow in Austria, but I did not expect so much.  During my break in America, I was actually able to wear flip flops again!  Unfortunately, I had to go back to wearing boots now that I am back in the cold climate of Austria. 

I was so excited to return to Austria, but after opening the door to my apartment, those feelings soon changed.  My apartment felt empty and lifeless.  I realized I had no roommates anymore.  I, now, don’t know any English-speaking person in Austria besides myself.  I feel alone on a boat among a sea of German-speaking people.  I have never been homesick before, but I finally understand it now.  It’s really lonely in my apartment without my two Canadian roommates who chose to not return after Christmas break.  I know I will be okay.  All I need is time.  I will soon get accustomed to this new change in my life here in Austria.

My older brother will help me adjust to this change, as he flew from America on Wednesday and will be visitng for the next two weeks.  I’m looking forward to sharing my experience in Austria with my brother, at least for the next two weeks.  In addition, I will now have another English-speaking American that can be in the same boat as me."


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