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Next Year Neuberg Has Three "Grandmas"

16. März 2012

"My parents came to visit me for the past three weeks.  I think they really enjoyed their time here in Austria, although it did not snow once while they were here.  It was probably the warmest winter weather this year and their hopes of seeing snow fall were shattered.  Despite the lack of snow, I still took my parents on a joyous ride down the mountain at Semmering.  My brother warned them of his previous, dangerous ride of sledding, but they attempted to sled regardless.  As my parents and I went down the mountain on sleds, I looked behind me and realized there was no way they could get hurt.  They were going so slow that they were almost going backwards!

In addition to sledding, I also took them Austrian bowling, or kegeln.  They enjoyed that a lot, especially after drinking some Austrian beer.  As well as drinking Austrian beer, my parents tried several other Austrian delicacies, such as Glühwein, pretzels, schnitzel, and my mother’s new favorite dish, kaspressknödelsuppe.  While my parents were here, we traveled to Vienna for sightseeing, Salzburg to see Mozart’s home, and Burgenland for wine tasting.  After spending some time in Austria, my parents and I traveled to Paris.  We spent five days in Paris and it definitely was one of my best adventures in Europe this year.  Once we returned to Austria, my parents were able to see two more games before they left for America.  We played a Canadian collegiate team last Monday and Tuesday.  My parents were able to see an exciting shoot-out to decide the winner of Tuesday’s game.  They saw four games while they were here, but unfortunately they left last Thursday so they could not see my final game of the year.

The season came to a closure on Saturday, as we lost to Salzburg 2-0.  Although we didn’t win the bronze medal for the Austrian tournament, we were awarded our gold medals for the Bundesliga after the game.  This marked the final time I would be on the ice this season, but it would not be the last time I stepped foot on Austrian ice.

I hope to return to the Neuberg Highlanders next season with two of my former teammates from Quinnipiac University, Kate Wheeler and Chelsea Illchuk.  All three of us played together for three years in college, so we plan to bring our chemistry to the Highlanders next year.  I look forward to sharing my experiences with Kate and Chelsea next year.  They are nearly as old as me, so maybe next year we will have three grandmas on the team rather than one!  Bis zum nächsten Jahr!"


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