Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Live the Dream! - Women's Hockey Life"

I had my first article published on the official website of WomensHockeyLife on Sept. 7.  The article serves as an introduction of my experience in playing professional (post university) women's ice hockey overseas.  It also details the start of my second season (2012-13) with Austria's Neuberg Highlanders.

My blog on WomensHockeyLife will cross-reference with my current blog, SkatingTheDream.  Some articles on WomensHockeyLife will coincide with my posts on SkatingTheDream, while other articles may differ from the ones I publish on this blog.  Please take a look at my introductory article on WomensHockeyLife for it describes some experiences that have not been posted on this blog (click here to view article).  I will keep you updated of any newly published articles on WomensHockeyLife's website, so keep checking back!

WomensHockeyLife is a website that provides information regarding women's hockey at the recreational, university, and professional levels.  It serves as a resource of first-hand knowledge, information, and experiences pertaining to women's hockey all over the world, such as North America and Europe.  One can read about success stories or learn about opportunities available in North America or overseas.  The website contains blogs, written by players who are "living their dream" in playing women's hockey at recreational, university, or professional levels.  Readers can follow the lives of these players as they share their experiences on WomensHockeyLife.

Link to WomensHockeyLife:


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