Thursday, November 15, 2012

Newspaper Article in WOCHE

"Highlanders Win in Kitzbühel"

WOCHE Newspaper

1. November 2012

"The Highlanders had played three minutes in Kitzbühel until Evelyn Hochegger had a jubilant goal after a pass from Julia Willenshofer.  It went in vein, as Chelsea Illchuk presented a hammer to make it 2-0 and in the 14th minute, Jennifer Pesendorfer increased the score to 3-0.  Just before the break, the Highlanders suffered a goal.  In the final two periods, Kitzbühel capitalized from mistakes in the back line of defense and led, 4-3.  With 80 seconds left in the game, Kelley Davies could still achieve the balance to tie the game.  After a scoreless overtime period, it was again Davies, who recovered in the shootout to give the Highlanders a 5-4 away victory."


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