Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We're Celebrities!

Today, Courtney, Jessica, and I were featured in "Kleine Zeitung," the No. 1 newspaper in Styria, Austria.  If anyone would like to help translate the article for us, feel free to comment on this blog post with the English translation.  One of the few words I know from the article is Leberknödel.  The article seemed to have put a spotlight on Courtney, Jessica, and I.  This morning, the team's manager, Margret, took us to the bank, but I stopped into the post office along the way.  At the post office, Margret introduced me to the clerk, but he nodded his head as if he already knew me.  He recognized me instantly from the photograph in the featured article in "Kleine Zeitung."  It seems as though we have been celebrities among the town already!

Christoph Heigl, a sports journalist for the "Kleine Zeitung," wrote this article.  He has asked me to write several "insider articles" for the newspaper, since I have a background in journalism.  The "insider articles" will give readers the opportunity to get an inside look on the Neuberg Highlanders women's ice hockey team, while also taking a glimpse of what it's like to be an American ice hockey player in Austria.  I plan to meet with Heigl soon to discuss our project. 


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