Saturday, September 24, 2011

Article #2

My second article for the newspaper, Kleine Zeitung, came out on Thursday, Sept. 22.  The article is pictured below. 

"As I was nervous when I first arrived in Austria, I felt the same kind of anxiety when I was getting dressed for my first game against Team Turkey on Friday.  I was not only playing on a new team, but I was also playing in an entirely new country.  I put on my Neuberg Highlanders’ jersey for the first time and once I hit the ice, I felt relaxed and at ease.  I found difficulty playing on a team that predominantly speaks German.  I like to talk during the game.  I couldn’t figure out how to cheer for my teammates or yell for them.  Despite that hindrance, I had fun playing in my first two games in Austria, especially since we won 16-0 and 15-0.

After the games, some of my teammates and I went to eat at Sport Hotel, located next to the ice hall.  Most of us ordered toast, which differs from American toast.  Toast in America is a toasted slice of bread with butter, not a toasted ham and cheese sandwich with ketchup.  I have always taken an interest in exploring different cuisines and seeing how each food is constructed.  After eating some Austrian favorites at traditional restaurants,  I have attempted to make these foods myself.  I first tried Leberknödelsuppe at Sport Hotel, but after finding out it was a cow’s liver, I decided to make Kaspressknödelsuppe at home instead.  In addition, I have also made Austrian toast and Weiner Schnitzel.  I have enjoyed making these Austrian delicacies, but I’m sure my roommates have enjoyed eating them even more!"


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