Friday, September 2, 2011


Former Quinnipiac University teammate and former Neuberg Highlander, Elyse Cole, suggested I try kaspressknödelsuppe (cheese dumpling soup).  Kaspressknödelsuppe is a speciality among Austrian cuisine.  Unfortunately, I have yet to try real, authentic kaspressknödelsuppe, but since I love to cook, I decided to make it from scratch once I got home from practice.  The star of the dish is of course kaspressknödel, which is made by mixing bread crumbs, milk, eggs, onion, freshly grated cheese, freshly chopped parsley, salt and pepper into a coarse dough.  Roll the dough into dumpling-sized loaves and fry the them in butter.  I used butter and olive oil.  After frying, you drop the dumplings into a beef or chicken broth.  I used chicken broth.  It was not a difficult dish to make and it actually turned out quite delicious.  It even satisfied the taste buds of one picky Canadian, Courtney, who doesn't seem to like anything besides ketchup.  Below are some pictures of my meal!

I really enjoyed making this Austrian dish.  If you have any other suggestions on which Austrian foods I should try or cook, feel free to send me a message! Gute nacht!


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