Friday, February 17, 2012

"About Championships and Girls' Dreams"

About Championships and Girls' Dreams
16. Februar 2012
"I received some good news this week.  The Neuberg Highlanders won the championship of Bundesliga.  Since there are no playoffs in the league, the champion is decided by the number of points each team has.  We have the most points in the league so we are the champions.  Although we already won the championship, we still have one final game of the season.  We play Klagenfurt on Sunday in Kapfenberg.
As the season comes to an end, I have enjoyed playing on the Highlanders.  I will be even more excited playing in the last league game of the season because my parents will be able to watch the game live.  My parents are coming from America on Saturday and I’m looking forward to their visit.  They will get to see me play in Austria for the first time.  They haven’t watched me play eishockey since my last game in college on March 3.
When my parents arrive in Austria, I think they will be overwhelmed by how cold it is and how much snow has accumulated on the ground.  Despite this, I think they will enjoy their vacation.  We plan to tour Austria.  In addition, we are flying to Paris, France for a few days.  My mom has always dreamed of going to Paris, so I am happy that we can fulfill one of her dreams.  I can’t wait for my parents to come and keep me company in this German-speaking country.  It will also be nice to have a conversation with them in person rather than through email or on videochat.  We will also be in the same time zone so I won’t have to stay up late in order to talk to them."


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