Friday, February 3, 2012

Kleine Zeitung: "With Souvenirs From Semmering"

With Souvenirs From Semmering
3. Februar 2012

"Now, it has happened! we lost our first game in Damen-Bundesliga, 3-2, against Sabres Wien II.  The good thing is that we lost in overtime, so we received one point in the match.  We still remain in first place in the league.
My brother, Aaron, was able to watch the match since he was visiting Austria for two weeks. The apartment felt empty without my roommates.  With my brother here, the only things empty in the apartment were the refridgerator and the water heater.  He eats more than anyone I know, and he also takes the longest hot showers.  Despite having no food and no hot water, I loved having my brother visit me. 
Both him and I were not used to such a cold winter, but I think we adjusted to the weather by the end of his trip.  One of the most memorable moments of his trip must have been our nights of sledding at Semmering.  We have never been sledding in -10°C weather, and we also never went sledding in Austria.  We soon discovered the sledding experience was much different than that in America.  In America, we have only been sledding down small hills on a plastic sled.  We did not expect to go down a snow-covered course on a wooden sled and we did not know how fast we would go!  We crashed many times on the course and even crashed into each other sometimes.  We didn’t realize how dangerous, but fun, sledding could be in Austria.  Our bodies ached and throbbed.  Unfortunately, my brother returned to America on Tuesday, but he was able to take home some Austrian souvenirs, the bruises on his body!"


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