Friday, February 17, 2012

"Hemp Beer, Burgers, and the Super Bowl"

Hemp Beer, Burgers, and the Super Bowl
9. Februar 2012
"We won our 9th game in the Damen-Bundesliga on Saturday.  We beat HK Triglav 1:4.  Both my linemate, Jennifer Pesendorfer, and I scored two goals each.  The youngest and the oldest girls on the team scored in the game!
After the game, I rode in the car with Coach Werner and two other teammates back home.  We stopped at Hirter Brauerei on the way for dinner and drinks.  One of my teammates ordered me a type of bier, called Biohanfbier, that was made from an organic crop.  My teammates teased me and said I would get an intense feeling from drinking this bier made from hemp.  They clearly were joking and I continued on drinking the bier.  After finishing my natural bier, we proceeded on our journey home.
The next day was the National Football League’s Super Bowl!  My boyfriend and I celebrated the game at a friend’s apartment.  It seemed like an American night in Austria as we ate burgers and watched football on TV while an American flag hung from a cabinet in the apartment.  The game started at 6:30 p.m. in American Eastern Standard Time, so we were forced to stay up until 12:30 to watch the kick-off.  Although it was nice being able to watch the game on TV, it still was not the same as watching it in America.  Americans eat hot, spicy chicken wings, instead of burgers.  In addition, people love watching the Super Bowl commercials, but the same commercials did not show on the ESPN channel in Austria.  Despite these minor changes, I enjoyed watching the Super Bowl with friends in Austria."


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