Monday, November 21, 2011

Friendly Match: Budapest Beats Neuberg Highlanders 5-1

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In a friendly match, the Neuberg Highlanders found themselves in their second loss of the season.  Although the game did not count towards anything, Budapest beat the Highlanders, 5-1, in Kapfenberg on Sunday.

Budapest took a 1-0 lead within the first shift of the game.  As the Highlanders were down by one goal, I came back scoring the equalizer for my team.  We ended the period at 1-1.

The score remained even as both teams battled to a scoreless second period.  In the third period, Budapest took a 2-1 lead after two minutes of play.  Within six minutes later, Budapest extended its lead 3-1.  In the final minute of play, Budapest secured the victory as it scored two goals 22 seconds apart.

The Highlanders struggled as they were missing some key players in the lineup.  Since the game did not count toward our league standings, members from the Highlanders' second team were asked to play in the game.  That meant there were girls that were more than half my age playing on the team!

The Highlanders return to league play as they travel to Villach on Saturday to play Gipsy Girls Villach.


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