Thursday, November 3, 2011

"The NHL, Middle of the Night on the Computer"

The NHL, Middle of the Night on the Computer
3. November 2011

"I have been following the National Hockey League ever since I can remember.  Even though my home state, Virginia, doesn’t have a major league ice hockey team, I became an ice hockey fan as I watched Tampa Bay Lightning’s farm team, the Norfolk Admirals.  After going to many Admirals games as a child, I grew to love the game of hockey, but my heart has always been with a different team, the Washington Capitals.  I have been an avid "Caps" fan for many years.  Driving three and a half hours from my hometown to Washington, D.C. with my brother does not seem so far now that I am in Austria, thousands of miles from my team.

Although I can’t actually attend the games while I’m in Austria, I have found another way to see the games through websites on the Internet.  The only problem is that the games are usually at 7 p.m. in USA’s Eastern Standard Time.  This has forced me to stay up until 1 a.m. just to watch Capitals games online.  Being in Austria has turned me into a dedicated "Caps" fan as I have been determined in staying up for nearly all their games thus far.  I am looking forward to going home in December when I can watch live games on the TV at a decent hour rather than watching games on my little computer screen late at night."


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