Friday, November 25, 2011

"Neuberg's Grandma Celebrates Her Birthday"

"Neuberg's Grandma Celebrates Her Birthday"
24. November 2011

"We played a friendly match against Budapest on Sunday.  Unfortunately, we lost, 5-1, due to our lack of older players.  We played with the Highlanders’ second team, which has players younger than half my age!  It was difficult playing with girls, not only half my age, but half my size.  Because I am bigger, I skate faster than the girls and because I am older, I am more experienced.   Last year at my university (Quinnipiac University) in America, I was also the oldest on the team.  The difference between the Highlanders and my university team is that the youngest player at Quinnipiac was 18 years old, not eight!  I am considered the grandma on the Highlanders for I am the oldest on the team.

I just celebrated my 23rd birthday on 16. November.  For my birthday, I went to Graz with my boyfriend (Michi Schmieder).  We went shopping and walked around the city.  Over the weekend, I further celebrated my birthday as my roommates (Courtney Bradley and Jessica Jenkins), my boyfriend, and I went to Munich, Germany.  We bought tickets to see the Boyce Avenue concert at the Kesselhaus.  Boyce Avenue is an American band, so they sang all English songs, which I liked very much.  I enjoyed celebrating my first birthday in Austria, and I had a great weekend seeing my first European concert!"


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