Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Goals for Good

A friend of mine, senior captain Kevin McNamara of Colgate University in Hamilton, N.Y., created Goals for Good in 2011.  Goals for Good is a charitable organization that works toward giving back to the communities that have supported the ice hockey teams of the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC).  The ECAC has been known as one of the most competitive conferences in Division I college ice hockey.  Goals for Good brings a similar competitiveness as it provides a charitable competition with various benefits for the top-performing teams and their communities.  The project allows ECAC Hockey fans to engage in some competitiveness of their own as they can compete alongside their favorite players in a charitable project to help those in need.  Goals for Good takes advantage of the competitive nature of ECAC Hockey to generate donations for various causes.

Goals for Good

Mission: To provide a vehicle inspiring people to donate to chosen non-profit organizations through collegiate ice hockey competition.

How It Works:  Each team in the ECAC has partnered with a charity in close relation to their team, school, or community.  Thanks to Pinkdingo.com, Goals For Good takes donations according to the amount of wins and goals that a team scores in a weekend or throughout the season. Follow these steps to help your favorite team raise money for the charity that they have chosen for this season.
  • Go to http://goalsforgood.org/.
  • Browse the “Teams” section on the menu bar or on the “Standings” table to see who each team has partner with, why they have chosen that charity, and what that charity aims to achieve.
  • Pick your favorite team or teams to give to by clicking on the “Donate” button at the bottom of the explanation.
  • You will have to pick if you want to donate according to the men’s or women’s team of that school. All of the donations from both teams will be pooled together for their charity.
  • This link will take you to the Pinkdingo powered donations page where you can select the appropriate donation.
  • The donation pages are set up so you can chose to donate by goal or by win for the length of the regular season.
  • If you don’t want to donate for the length of the season, you will be able to cancel your donations at any point.
  • Donations will only count towards ECAC games.
  • Keep coming back to http://goalsforgood.org/ to check on how your teams are doing in the charitable competition.
For more information and to contribute donations toward the project, visit the official website of Goals for Good: http://goalsforgood.org/.

Goals for Good is currently looking for corporate sponsorships for each team in the ECAC.  If you are interested, contact Kevin McNamara.

For any further questions or details, you can email Kevin McNamara at kevin@goalsforgood.org.

Stay connected with Goals for Good on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/goals4good) and Twitter (@GoalsForGood)


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