Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kleine Zeitung Article 5

 "We played two friendly matches this week.  We played Budapest on Sunday and Denmark on Monday.    The match against Budapest did not seem too friendly as there were several fights in the match.  Unfortunately, we did not come out with a win in either game, but we tied Budapest, 3:3.  We did not play that well against Budapest and we should have beat them.  Denmark, however, was a very strong team.  We lost 7:3.  For the second game, we were missing some key players forcing me to double shift, which I found tiring.  In addition, my skate blade cracked in the middle and I played with a broken skate for most of the match.  It was nice playing teams that were more skilled than the teams in our league.  It provided some good competition for us.

My roommates and I enjoyed playing two games at home for we haven’t had a game in Kapfenberg in a few weeks.  We had also just returned from Venice, Italy on Thursday, so we were happy about not having to travel for a game.  We were in the car for 7 or 8 hours until we arrived to the beautiful city of Venice.  Some missed turns and bad directions extended our drive there.  It was my first trip to Italy as well as my roommates.  We did not expect things to be so expensive.  Because of our tight budget, we were forced to end our trip early.  On Thursday, we returned home to Austria with plenty of bug bites, which we received from the hotel’s beds the night before.  Our teammate, Evelyn Hochegger, said we need a better tour guide for our next trip.  Of course, I agreed with her!"


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